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/not ashamed.   I absolutely stand behind the statement I posted encouraging her to post photos of what she really got and warning others that most artists would charge more than $340.   Everything that others here have posted (photos of the real cake v. promised, link to the blog, etc.) was public.  If you don't want something to go viral (or to be shared in a small community), then don't post it in a VERY public arena.
Despite her rude and vulgar email to me, I feel bad for her. She thought she was getting a great deal and instead he got a wreck. That makes me sad. For anyone who may be confused, we are talking about the bride from the Original post of this thread. I was not her cake artist.
I really was not meaning to rub it in. I posted what I did on the blog so others wouldn't fall prey to the same expierience.That is exactly my point!! Hundreds of people think we are price gouging and that cake should be inexpensive. The only reference most have is the grocery store. They then come along on a wedding site and have it Confirmed!!! Now all the brides who saw it think they too can have that huge, gorgeous cake for $340.
Oh she wrote me again..... Turns out she was very disappointed in the cake after all. That makes me sad. Went on to call me rude & say all vendors just want to take people's money. Le Sigh Moving on and back to work.
I purchase the premium sheets from Icing Images
  It's been a very long time since I posted this on the blog.  TODAY, I received an email from the bride:  I feel much less sympathetic to her.  I am truly glad to see that she felt the cake was worth every penny.  Of course, I have responded in a professional manner: I'm not entirely certain if I should be relieved that she was happy with her cake or horrified.  I guess I will just have to remember that it takes all kinds, with varying tastes, to make...
That's the one! "Confectionary Arts International Lacquer Spray"
I use a spray I purchased from Global Sugar Art. It's a bit expensive, but it's perfect
How sad. I would think they would encourage the publicity and traffic to the website. I guess I can see them wanting to only promote it as the bakeries work keeping the wizard behind the curtain.
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