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Here's an example of how it could work: Perhaps when I first linked the FAQ with pricing info, Cakez would have also seen the chart. If not, I could link I that particular FAQ and she would know where to find it next time.
This useful chart will help you determine serving sizes:
Wow! That is really neat! Do you remember the name of the bakery? They may be kind enough to reveal the source.
Worth repeating.The FAQ makes it faster for is to link. It also makes it faster for the asker. They then don't have to read the whole rheas to get the jewel of wisdom.
Welcome Cakez4Dayz to the CC forums.   There are so many factors which influence the cost of a cake.  There are even many different combinations of 3 tier cakes serving 45-201.  It's difficult to provide you with a specific answer.     I do wish we had a FAQ which I could link for you.  Instead, I will copy and paste a post I wrote concerning pricing:     I'm sure, at some point, this post will get lost in the archives, but it's worth a shot.  I really do like to...
Yes, you did. Nonresponsive? That post specifically addressed the aforementioned question of what is the big deal. It addressed the reason it is frustrating while also explaining the need for a better answer than a specific one. Perhaps you didn't read the post that my post answered.My personal motivation, as previously mentioned, is to be helpful. Let's not argue the semantics. I really do feel we are gettin bogged down in that. If you agree with the suggestions,...
CC won't let me edit. That should be all for "naught" not "not."
Are you paying attention?This is not a dichotomy. There are more than two options. With a new list of FAQ, members can now link someone to the answer. Tho is much easier than rewriting the sometimes lengthy answers. It also provides the same person the ability to now know where to look.
Not only did you misinterpret my post and intentions, you have an inaccurate impression of who I am.Perhaps you have not gotten to know me through my posts. I'll admit I don't recognize your screen name. I can certainly say you are confused as to the kind of person I am.Please reread my comments as well as the ones by others who clarify my position.I absolutely do choose how I spend my time. There are occasions I slowly back out of a thread. There are times I quickly...
Whew! Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying I say.That post was meant in conjunction of the one stating I would absolutely agree to link to the useful information aforementioned.
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