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Thank you so much, Samantha......that sounds like a great idea!  I'll give it a go!
has anyone done an image transfer, using the piping gel method on cream cheese icing?...I need to do a wine bottle, wine glass and grapes on cream cheese icing....will the piping gel work on cream cheese icing?..if not, does anyone have any other suggestions on how to do it?
Try Martha Stewarts' Strawberry Meringue Buttercream...It is creamy and delicious, and pretty easy to make.....Clients love it....
Thankyou for your help.
Does anyone know what size cake box to buy for an 11 x 15 sheet cake?....and if so, where can I buy them online?
Does anyone know if you can put real pine needles/twigs on a cake covered in buttercream?...I am making a Christmas cake for a client and I would like to put on real pine instead of fondant or icing..will it be okay?...
Thank you everyone for your responses!  It makes me feel better...and I guess feedback isn't necessary... Thank you all!
Got a question :   A couple of times now, I have received tips for the cakes/cupcakes I have done for people when they come to pick up their cake. I'm not sure I really feel comfortable with it.  My reason being, what if the person ends up not liking the cake when it is served?  Or what if the person the cake is intended for, doesn't like the look of the cake. Because, then I think, the person who paid, will think," I never should have tipped her"...   It is a very...
That makes total sense.  Thank you so much.  It looks so easy when you see it on a cake, but that couldn't be farther than the truth.I will try that method.  Thanks again!
Can someone please tell me how to do the effect of, having one color on top of the cake, surrounded by another color as a border?  I wanted to royal blue around the cake about 2 inches, and then have a white square in the do you do it, so the colors won't bleed, and how do you keep it neat? Please help.
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