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Exactly what I started to do after I wasted 3 sheets but I still haven't gotten it to exactly where I need it. I know that I can go to the margins but it ask to enter the numbers which confuses me so I'm guessing I'm just going to have to enter random numbers until I get it right.
I use the icing images iprint right from the site, I do the templates and then fix the pictures to where I want them but when I pront them out they are not where they're supposed to be. I've tried turning the paper around but still nothing. I also use icing images edible sheets.
I recently purchased the sheets for 2" cupcake rounds for my edible printer but it's not coming out in he circles the picture is everywhere else, I saw it says to fix the margins to get it right but how do I know exactly what numbers to put. It's alittle frustrating because I've wasted about 3 sheets. I'm hoping maybe someone on here can help me. Thank you.
I recently purchased an edible ink printer and want to send out a few pictures but i don't know where I can find big enough resealable bags to fit the sheets inside. When I've purchased the sheets individually they come in ziplock bags I would like the same or similar bags. Does anyone know where I can find these bags?
Gerle does it have more then one recipe? Im gonna try that ultimate vanilla cupcake, it sounds good, have you tried it before more then once. Drea88?
I have found a few recipes on here for white cake, vanilla cake and yellow cake but for cupcakes they just aren't moist enough and dry out really quick . Where can I find a good moist vanilla, white cake or yellow cake recipe? Also I would like to have a recipe versatile enough that I can add things to it and still be moist like chocolate chip cookies or sprinkles. Thank you in advance
Thanks for the replies I actually did it for Halloween for a friend I think it was ok.
Wow thank you. The printer that I was asking about isn't even on the USA list. 👎
Is the canon mg5420 any good for printing edible images?
I'm gonna try it on a small piece of fondant first to be sure. Thank you
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