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i used the spray on sugar flowers for a wedding cake and i just loved the outcome
i saw on the news a new invention which is actually cakebatter from a spray can and you can microwave it!! do you think it would be worth buying if it would end up in the grocery stores? it looks so handy !!!
I did this one a week ago, very proud
  These 2 are my favorite cakes, i really cant choose i am proud of bolth of them
UPDATE!! I spoke to the couple a few days ago, i rearly see them and this was at a funeral, i know thats not the best time to talk about a wedding cake lol! The wedding is the 14 of May. The number of guests is putten way down from 1500 to 750 and now its 325, pff its so anoying. they are pretty sure now the numer of guest is under 500. I allready told them the maximum discount i will give them is 10%, they seemed cool with it. Can someone tell me what cake sizes i...
my parents, especially my mother says that if I have very cheap prices, that I will get a lot of costumers and become well known and that I can rise my prices after that, but I think that if I do that, I will lose them all because they are used to the low prices. Yes I have all the control if it comes to were to work and stuff
Here's what happened: in my family we love to be very very kind for other people, but when taking cake orderd I have to stay stict in my prices, but then my family tells me to give people a discount. They don't seem to understand that I am already giving the lowest price I can possibly give. My prices ar 2.50 per serving. Now sins this monds I allready have 2 cake orders cancelled from people which I refused to give a big discount. I just can't afford it to keep giving...
Its almost time to prepare for my annual gingerbread project for christmas, this year I will replicate our own house, I was thinging, I really love the look of sugar windows, made by boiling sugar and pouring it in the window cut-outs. Last year after a few days the windows started to melt/crystalize. How can I prevent it from doing that, is there no other solutuon then using yellow candies insteds of the sugar? I really prefer the sugar window look instead of the candie...
thank you so much for that smart ideal!, one more thing: how could i make a smooth surfice with royal icing?
how would u do that?
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