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I think the frosting Martha uses is 7 minute Frosting, which is basically egg whites and sugar beat into a meringue.
If he gets 50% of all of your future profits just for offering up 50% of the startup..then I'm in the wrong business. 50/50 sounds like a sour deal if you're the one who is doing the baking. There'd be no business if it weren't for you creating the goods. I would find out what may be standard in these partnerships, but 50/50 for your situation sounds like a bad deal for you.
I've been reading through the Cake Bible lately myself and saw the tables you're referring to. My understanding was that the larger the cake pan the less leavening you need since it has more surface area and room to rise. For smaller/deeper pans you need more leavening. So the leavening in a 6 inch cake might be considerably different than a 14 inch cake.
You could use enough batter to make one layer of cake and then freeze the rest for when you want a snack. OR you could donate your cooked cakes to a nearby shelter. They would love to have your extras. If you've cut into it already maybe just cut into triangles or squares and deliver to the shelter.
What is the fat content in the Blue Bonnet? Fat in a recipe will help tenderize the cake. You need a certain amount of that and you may not be getting it if you're using margarine. I guess I should look up how much fat margarine has.
After looking at it again it kind of reminded me of mini creamcheese cakes or something where the creamcheese mixture set up in the cupcake liners and was perfectly smooth. Then I thought it looked like icecream had been put in and then frozen or something. But...i'm not sure how that would work.
May I ask what you mean by 'plasticky'? And does bread like mean that it wasn't crumbly?
I'd say the keyword here is 'budget' bride. It's sad to stereotype people on a budget, but a big majority of the behave this way. Before having my second child I was a wedding photographer and couldn't tell you how many stories I heard of budget brides demanding refunds and creating issues and problems that never existed just to get some money back. I was a bride on a budget years ago, but I never would have done anything like that. I think I was in the minority. The...
FromScratch: Thank you SO MUCH for the info. I am reading part 2 now of your white cake blog posts. I am eager to try your recipe. Thanks again!Also, I used the recipe that was mentioned first and foremost on the page. I didn't do any of the possible suggestions throughout the thread. The only thing I changed was using butter instead of shortening.
Just made this recipe and I definitely did not get good results. One thing that I knew was going to probably mess things up was the butter. I had room temp butter, but when I added it in it just turned into tiny little lumps. I tried to smooth them out, but it didn’t work well so I had to just run with it. I didn’t want to overbeat the mix so I just went ahead and made 6 cupcakes. (the rest of the batter is in the freezer). The cupcakes did rise a little bit, but the cake...
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