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I second Fluffy American Buttercream. It's so easy to make and a little sweeter than regular american BC.
Thank you so much!!
I am very curious about this cookie design. I am wondering if this person used a cookie cutter that had an impression built in? Or is there some tool out there to do this. I am most interested in the word baby. It almost looks like tappits, but they're so small. Do they make Tappits that small?Any help would be kindly appreciated.
These are beautiful!! You did a wonderful job. You should be proud of yourself
I'm no where near a fondant expert, but it almost looks to me like it's separating.
Hi Lynne!I used royal icing to mke those decorations because I had leftover icing from cookies. However, I know people use chocolate in that way, but I have never written out words. I've made shapes, but no text.Did you use regular Wilton candy melts? When you say 'not smooth' was there lumps in the chocolate? I would recommend making sure you do NOT heat the chocolate too much as it may burn. Also, i've used a parchment bag to do certain decorations with success, but...
Unless there's a Cake Central app for the iPhone then you'd just have to upload your photos the normal way. I have no idea if there's an app for CC or not. I'll go check UPDATE: No app
I totally understand. Once you have a price list for clients to look at it will become 100% easier There will be no surprises for them and you'll be confident in what price you have to give them. If they question anything you point them to the price list.
Well, the price you agreed upon was for the first design. As soon as she added extras you should have emailed her back that there would be extra cost associated with that. The best way for you to be confident in what you charge (and to know exactly what to charge on the spur of the moment if a client requests changes) is to create a pricing sheet with a breakdown of the items you offer. Determine what you're going to charge per slice or per a certain size of cake. (the...
I used White Chocolate BC on coconut cake once and it was very good.
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