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I'm resurrecting this thread.  I have a question about the vinyl from a fabric store as well.  Can it just roll up to store and then roll flat again and STAY flat while working?  Like a previous poster asked, do most of you use powdered sugar or shortening when working with fabric store vinyl?   Also, what mat do most of you use for small fondant jobs such as decorations, etc.?  Is anyone still using vinyl from the fabric store?   Thank you!
I know that would probably make my life a whole lot easier, but I am trying to save money on fondant.  I decided to just put fondant on the top and about 1/2 inch down the sides to get the whole thing started. 
Currently, I am attaching the next row of frills to half of the row above it and half to the styrofoam.  I am using gum glue for this.  When I tried last night turning the cake upside down and applying the ruffles I felt like they were going to just dry facing upward (once turning back over right side up).  I thought I should have the ruffles/frills sticking out of the side of the cake a little, but the more I look at photos it seems they are either pointing DOWN or UP and...
Well I considered that as well, but in my mind I couldn't see how the frills would fit into place very well with a layer below it.  Maybe i'll give it a try anyway :)
Hello!   I am working on a 3 tier cake (all dummies) that will be covered in fondant frills on each tier.  I have already completed half of one tier and let me tell you it is taking LOTS of time.  This is the first time I have ever done fondant frills and I'm learning as I go.  Since starting the frills I have figured out I need to roll my strips thinner and maybe add some tylose to the fondant so it will hold its shape better.    My question is what is the easiest way...
thank you everyone!  I've had NO luck making special blue colors and it has scared me into not wanting to do such custom colors.  I am coloring fondant so I will start with a very small amount and see what the best combo is.  Hopefully this works ok. :P
thankyou everyone!
      I need to re-create the color of the cake, but I'm not sure what it really is.  Aqua?  Turquoise?   What gel colors would YOU use to create this shade of blue/green?   Thanks for the help!
Any other opinions??
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