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I'm interested in the Kopykake projector but not the price. I was wondering what others are using that does the same thing or similar.Thank you
Anyone know which cookie cutters are used for the letters in this picture you
Anyone have a good recipe for teacakes? Also, how is the indentation made on the top of them?Thank you in advance.
Ok great! Thank you
Hi AllI would like to purchase a pasta machine to help with rolling out the fondant for my cookies. Anyone have any suggestions on one they've used and loved it?Thanks in advance.
Anyone know if there is an average size for gourmet cookies?Thank you in advance.
Osgirl - how much butter to oil do you use?
No I'm not greasing my liners and yes the recipe has oil in it. I'm wondering if the recipe is calling for too much oil. : /
Hi AllAnyone know why the bottom of my cupcakes are always greasy? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you in advance.
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