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No I didn't use boiled water.
When I use water my royal icing has an odd taste. When I used the lemon juice I didn't taste it as much.
What do you use to thin your royal icing? Recently, I used lemon juice and it was great on my lemon cookies but I'm not sure how it would taste on plain or chocolate cookies. Just wondering what others use besides water and lemon juice. Thanks
That's a great idea!  Did you cut the cookies out of the dough and then freeze them or did you freeze all of the dough uncut?  Did your cookies smell or taste freezer burned?  Did they taste fresh once eaten?  I'm sorry I'm just paranoid with them tasting or smelling freezer burned.     Thank you for your response. Michelle
Hi Everyone   I have 100 decorated cookies due for mardi gras.  I have never done this many at once and I am feeling overwhelmed.  I have no idea when I should bake them, if I should ahead of time and freeze, etc.  Could you recommend a baking and decorating schedule I should use?  Does anyone have some kind of worksheet I can use to organize what all I need, colors of icing and all that good stuff?  I feel like I need to be really organized in order to pull this...
What do you use to make dessert bar signs?  I would like to make signs for the different items on a dessert bar I am catering.  Just wondering what others use for this.   Thank you in advance. 
Any ideas on how I can make these buttercream tulips and leaves?           Thank you in advance
I figured it out. Thank you
I've made some really cute pink breast cancer awareness cookies. I would like to try and come up with a cute and/or funny saying/quote to go along with the cookie on a card. I was wondering if you all could help me come up with something. I've Google searched it but can't find anything that just jumps out at me to use.Thank you in advance for any assistance.
Would anyone know why this happened to my royal icing? Some of the icing looks wet but is dry to the touch.Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.
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