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Thank you!! The prices seem reasonable.....I look at it as an "investment" We like to call that "Return Investment" Well, took my first Wilton class last night, and it was very informative. I enjoyed it, and the instructor "Maria" was very patient with the new bakers. She has even shared a few of her baking "tips". So, I look forward to all the other classes. Oh!! BTW, they booklet provides a buttercream receipt that tastes EXACTLY like a bakery buttercream!! The...
Has anybody taken the Wilton Cake Decorating classes? Tonight is my first class of course 1.....i've searched for review with no luck!
OH MY GOODNESS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I actually have a class tonight...Course 1 at Michaels. Hope its worth it.
Where can I find these video's?
I'm considering taking the Wilton classes at Michaels. Can anyone provide their own experiences? Are the classes worth taking? Thank you
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