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Ya know Goreti, I was actually thinking it looked a bit like royal icing.  Thank you so much for the help everyone!
Ok, but even if it were fondant, how is the coloring done?
That mat is awesome, but unfortunately the wedding is tomorrow and they want to avoid fondant...  My biggest question is the coloring, I don't think the texture will be a problem, but I want to get the colors as realistic as possible.
I'm making this wedding cake, and I have several ideas as to how to accomplish the look of the tree stump, but I'm not really sure what is going to get me as close as possible to this picture. It looks like a buttercream technique to me, but not air brushed, so maybe icing with 2 different colors? and then a fondant inlay for the top? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!
Hmmm, I wonder if oil based candy coloring would work???
I am making cupcakes this weekend, and they requested a leopard print which I usually paint on fondant, but I don't like using fondant on cupcakes and was going to coat them in a butterscotch candy melt instead, will I be able to paint on that will that just not work?  Thank you in advance!
just out of curiosity, what did the cake look like that she wanted?
900 sq ft, and I could probably use a bit more space. But in PA we are required to use all commercial equipment (i.e. refrigeration/ovens/ranges w/ hoods etc) and have several sink areas,so it requires quite a bit of space.
thank you!
Worst: I would say it's a tie between the cricut cake (used it twice, hated it) and any of the countless wilton kits I bought when I first started decorating cakes (i.e. the interchangeable ribbon cutter, gumpaste letter molding kits, etc.) all were bulky, and not worth the energy of investment.Best: this is tough, buying multiples of various shaped pans was a great investment that saved me a lot of time, and silicone molds. Although they are pricey, but every time I...
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