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I would decorate board, then stack on board and decorate.. Just me though
I was wondering if anyone has found a good doctored cake mix recipe, and would be willing to share. I did a wedding cake in April using 2 different recipes with smaller cake mixes, I added the extra mix to make up for smaller cake box size, and they turned out horrible, spongy and wet. I thought maybe my oven was off so I bought a oven thermometer, and was reading fine, so I baked another same thing. Gross cake. So know i'm scared to try again.. Has anyone had any luck...
I have a 8in, on 325 back on the top rack and it has risen more then any of my cakes have today, so i'm thinking it was the oven rack placement..I also use the Rebecca Sutterby version and add in the extra..Hopefully this was just my oven..I have spent way to much money today on cake mixes,sourceam and eggs, unfortantly I messed all of my cakes up so back to the store I go 2morrow..Sigh
I just use large eggs at room temp, leaving the oil in.. And yes it was gummy and squishy all the way threw. I could roll it in a ball and  squish it like a pancake. It is like it is raw, but its not..Thats the only way I can explain it..So know I don't have a clue what I'm going to do.
I only thing that I have changed and just remembered is normally I bake on second rake to the top, today I put cakes on middle rack..Humm I am blown away I just baked a three tier cake a month ago same WASC recipe and I never had this problem
35 mins on 350 then tried 300-325 for about 50mins, I have a cake tester comes out clean..
I put the extra amount in, for Duncan hines cake it was 16.5 so I added 1.75oz
Okay I have backed 2 double layer WASC cakes in 12, 10, 8 in all went in garbage due to being gummy and sticky, so off to the store I went, spent another 20.00 and got more supplies. I decided I was gonna due a different recipe 3d durable cake in white, had to throw away another 12, 10 due to the same thing.. What the heck am I doing wrong, followed my recipes.. I'm gonna cry really, I have to have these cakes done by Friday..Please some one help me!!!
Thank you, Pillsbury it is for now..
I'm in the middle of baking a 12,10,8 WASC cake and one of my bags of Duncan Hines was ripped, so it's either I turn my oven off and run to store OR I have a Pillsbury I can use.. But I have never used it before.. I have the right about of DH to bake my 10, 12in but not my 8.. Will it be noticeable if I use Pillsbury? I really hate to go to store..ERR     Thank you in advance for any advice..
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