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Megan's Bake Shop in West Sacramento, CA.
I am looking for these containers in bulk to fit about 4 ounces of sprinkles (i think that would be the smaller ones)?? Thank You.  
I am trying to find a place other than directly from Americolor where I can buy their candy oil at wholesale prices. I tried 3 times now trying to get a hold of americolor and they are not contacting me back. Does anyone else have any ideas??   Thanks Megan
WOW... that scares me about the credit card info. So online where they dont show you prices it is starting at 1.75.Where can I buy BULK/WHOLESALE cake products like petal dust at an even cheaper price?
I am sorry... I should have mentioned that I will be teaching classes. One day classes @25.00 and two days classes @45.00I already have a mini cake business with my cousin but I want to do something that doesnt have any baked goods for sale. MAYBE cake pops and cookies other than that nothing.
I am hoping someone could help me. I am not looking for an exact number just a round about. I am wanting to know if the petal/luster is cheaper than 2.00? If so a lot cheaper, about the same???What about the disco dust??? Cheaper than 3.50?? Again if so a lot cheaper or about the same? I am applying for my business license now (just waiting to figure out a name) and will order from them later but I REALLY need some dust for a class I am teaching. Should I just wait or...
I am going to be opening a cake/candy ect supply store. I will NOT sell any baked goods! I am having so much trouble coming up with a name. It's a lot harder than I thought but it is my TRUE passion so i figured... why not follow my dreams. I want it to be fun, festive, unique and so many other things BUT i dont want it to make you think of an actual bakery. Some words I like areCakeFactorySugarMeggsie (My nickname)ShopBoutiqueEmporiumLandMY family really likes Meggsie's...
I have been searching online and I need some help.. I am looking for wholesale cake supply companies like ckproducts.comAny other websites would be awesome!Thanks Megan
I was wanting to get a list/calendar together of some classes to teach. I need some ideas of things to teach.Classes I have in mind are- figure modeling- painting and dusting- special fondant flowers- purse cake classAny other ideas would be awesome!Also, how much would you charge for classes where the students supply all the supplies for themselves. What about one on one classes??Any help would be great! Thanks Megan
What would be a good frosting/recipe for this recipe?? It sounds sooo yummy!!!
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