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Thank you so much. Actually it turned out that my mousse was coming out of my dam and not letting my buttercream stay. I was pipping for a monster inc cake.
can I do a buttercream fur effect on top of a fondant covered cake???? i made it on buttercream n it keeps sliding down!!!!
I will thank you Jason.
Thank you so much for all that great advised. But at the beginning of this yr. My fam went thru all the trying that is required and we have our license and or permits to sell food n bake goods from home, so thank you for the suggestion its been done. Before you go on in how my fam and not me have permits let me jst say i live in that home with the permits which allows me to sell aswell with my parents... Now the only reason why i ask for a price was because she insisted...
@ jason thank you, its good advise. I will consider.
That's awesome , ur making good money. I do it for fun and not planning to make a business out of it. I respect everyone,s opinion but this is my person n i dont plan to change my typing jst to please others. People that would want me to make a cake ,wud be because they know me and not total strangers. Nothing wrong with making words a bit short, didn't think cake central bakers where so picky abt this. But good to know . 
Thnk u so much for the good advise....n sorry abt my typos n grammar thts jst the way I type. Mainly bcuz I'm on a cell phone n its much faster....thought its cake tlk not grammar school ...note not being rude at all, jst sayn...its jst like on this site there's a lot of a abbreviations on cake tht I dnt get. ...thnk u ..
i want to ask wht is fondant cake with fill going for in the los angeles area... every one tells me am selling myself short... i never add up the amount am spending ... which is wrong , i jst think of it as my hobbie n i love doin it . Money is not the issue but for my fam is... its time consuming  i did a minnie mouse 10 ",  4" inch high square with  gourment flavor n filling dazzeld it up with bling and charged 50 dollars.... i no theres alot to it... but am looking...
I been ask to make a 2 tier cake with strawberry cream cheese filling covrd with mmf... event is tomorro. Would i have to put it in the fridge since its cream cheese? ive never done this before, have seen the outcome wen it comes out sticky n sweaty.. have any suggestions?... and also wudnt the cream cheese become hard? i wud appreciate any help.... btw pik up for cake is at 11 am tomorro
love boba straws ... r the best support for all my tier cakes...
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