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I don't like Hershey's or garadelli cocoa powders and I found excellent reviews on callebaut chocolate. I know its 100% cocoa powder but I don't like dark chocolate. Does anyone know if it does have that dark chocolate flavor.. I'm looking for a good cocoa powder for cupcakes and cakes. Any suggestions?
I can't seem to ever be satisfied with any cupcake recipe. I wish I had the perfect chocolate and vanilla recipe that I could use to expand but I feel I am getting further away from that dream.I want a airy, fluffy cupcake from scratch. I hate HATE using cake mixes because no matter how I doctor em up, I still taste and smell all those chemicals. Most of the flour I use is all purpose flour but lately, my cupcakes come out compacted and chewy. The taste is great but its...
Hi everyone! I been baking cupcakes for over a year now and I have yet to find a good, solid vanilla cupcake recipe. I've tried scratch recipes, the vanilla recipe on the swan's cake flour box, and doctored recipes using cake mixes and NOTHING!After a year, I have also realized that many people like my cupcakes best when i use cake mixes so I'm hoping to find a good doctored recipe using a cake mix.If y'all know of one, please share!!!Thanks!!!
Thanks for info! I'll try the baking bars but I really want to get my hands on some merkens candy melts. I hear they are great but I only find them online.
Hi I'm despreately seeking a particular kind of clamshell to hold 12 and 6 standard cupcakes. I need these for a bazaar and I'm hoping y'all can help me find a vendor. I added a link of what I am looking for.[/url]
whats the best dipping chocolate for cake pops?I've tried the wilton candy melts and I hate that it takes forever for the pops to dry to a hard shell... i also don't like to stick them into the fridge for a few minutes to create the hard shell... if anyone knows of dipping chocolate that hardens without throwing it in the fridge, please share. thanks!!!
thanks so much! i followed the recipe exactly but used cake flour instead and the cupcakes are soooo fluffy and moist. best made from scratch cupcakes ive ever made!
what can i use as a substitute for soft wheat flour? i can't find it anywhere down here and im dying to try some recipes that call for all-purpose soft-wheat flour. Could i use just all purpose flour or should I mix it with some cake flour? please help!
Can y'all please share the "perfect" chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes...I have yet to find one that I really like...
I just saw these today at walmart and picked some up. looking forward to trying a couple of flavors tonite! i'll keep yall posted!
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