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You can use any of the cartridges. Plus, they never touch the food, so you could use them to cut paper too - it is the cricut cake machine that touches the food.
I started using Wilton fondant and a bit of gum paste or just the Wilton fondant by itself and it works without the freezer step, I get nice clean cuts. I find that attempting to work with MMF is for days where you have lots of time on your hands or desings that are big and not intricate. If you do not let it freeze/harden enough the material will move around with the blade, if it gets too hard it will not stick to the mat anymore. I have not had the opportunity to try...
That is correct. Read the small print, it will specifically say that it does not apply to cricut machines or cartriges. That being said, every once in a while there is a coupon that can be used, or they have a sale where they are about 50% off. Sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already.
I too use Baker's Joy, cakes come out very clean.
I am not a professional cake decorator, this is a hobby for me. I have however covered several cakes with my home made MMF.I let it sit a good 2-3 hours before using it to cover the cake, that seems to work for me. The texture is indeed softer than purchase fondant when sitting cold but it works great to cover a cake with a thinner layer and still look very smooth. For intricate cutouts however it can get more challenging, I add some PS and tylose to help it.
If you want the cartridges for cheaper, check They have very good prices on them, from $15-30 compared to 89.99. this is only on a few of them, but it includes all the "cake" dedicated ones. I wish you loads of fun, I know I love my cricut!
To solve that problem on cakes that use buttercream as a filling, I add more frosting in the middle of the layers.
I am no expert, but I go with the stickyness. If it no longer sticks to my hands but will stick enough to form a ball when I knead, there is enough sugar in it. I put it in a greased up zip lock bag and let it rest for an hour or two. A bit more sugar may be added when you knead it again if too sticky.If it gets too dry and keeps breaking even after kneading it a few minutes (even a fondant with perfect texture will break when you knead it from cold), I add a few drops of...
I had the same question a month ago and like nicunurse, got Sharon Zambito's Flawless Fondant DVD. Worth every penny. The first cake I covered after watching it was round but it had straight sides and sharp edges.In the meantime, make sure you have sharp edges BEFORE you cover your cake with fondant.
I got The Mat as well and love it.
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