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Thanks for the help!  I appreciate it!
I'm making my first fondant covered cake next week and I have a question I'm hoping someone will be able to answer for me.    I am making a rocket cake using the Wilton football cake pan.  The cake will be covered and decorated with fondant.  Then the cake will be placed on a fondant covered cake board which will be decorated as outter space.  My question is:  Do I put the cake on a cake board that has been cut to the shape of the rocket (football), cover it and...
Thank you for the advice.  I appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice.
I need to make a graduation cake for my daughter.  I tried to tell her that what she wanted in this graduation cake was way beyond her momma's ability, but I could have it made for her.  Her response "that's why I am giving you 2 years notice, so YOU can practice!!!"  OH MY!!!!  Well, a year of that time has passed, and I have not practiced once...I've had plenty of nightmares about it, but haven't taken that big step to actually try it.  I really want to surprise her...
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