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Thanks again for all the help. I think my cake turned out alright. 😀
This is exactly the thread I needed, as I am making a monster high cake as well. So thank you all!!  You mentioned using a template for the skull, where do I get one, or how do I make my own? This is the part of cake decorating that gets me the most...LOL. I figured there was some secret computer program people were using to get all the awesome details and designs on the cakes. There is NO WAY I could free hand anything like it. Im far from an artist. Any and all help is...
Thank you so much for the tips! It's a beautiful cake. I'm going to be doing the stencil in hot pink, at brides request. I think it will be so pretty. Stacking on site is a great idea. I thought that was the way to go. I'll be using your 3 piece method. Lol! Thanks again! The bride purchased the rhinestones on eBay...fairly cheap from what I hear. 😃
Hi y'all! I'm making my first BIG wedding cake June 1. The bride brought me a photo of something she spotted on Pinterest. It's a beautiful 5 tiered cake, with lots of bling. However, only 3 of the tiers will actually be cake, the other 2 will be dummy tiers. I've never used a dummy layer before. I'm hoping y'all may have some tips on how to stack this cake and just general tips on the dummy layers. I'll post a pic of the inspiration for the cake I'll be making. The bottom...
Im beyond thrilled to find this post! Thank you for sharing! I'm making the orange dreamsicle cake and I have decided not to use the melted sherbet. So do I need to use another liquid in place of it? Any help is appreciated! Thanks y'all!
I guess I should have said the cake will be fondant covered... Does that make a difference with the ganache?
I am fairly new to cake making. I have an order placed for a chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse. Client has left it to me to decide what frosting to use. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I typically use buttercream. Is that okay for a chocolate cake? Should I use ganache? Chocolate buttercream? Helppppp!! LOL! Thanks SO much!!! 
I'm new at the cake decorating thing, but eager to learn. When making figures for cakes, numbers for top tier on bday cakes, how do I decide what to use? When is the approiate use of fondant, gumpaste, and all the other stuff? I'm freaking Oh, and what is the product that when applied looks like glitter?Thanks SOOO much!Tara
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