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Is the groom a lawyer? My husband was leaving the legal field when we were wedding planning and this was one of the tasks he was given - read and understand all contracts. We didn't work with a handful of vendors because their contracts were so vague he didn't want to risk anything.
I find it odd that she originally couldn't afford the cake she wanted so scaled it down but had a groom's cake as well.
Is there anyway you can have a wicked display with a few dummy cakes / cupcakes and just donate a gift certificate to be used at a later date or for a certain product?
If the bride & groom are not willing to take the initiation to book an appointment with you at this point, I would move on. It's not your responsibility to keep after them to get them to make an appointment.
I plan on taking the missing course with another teacher at the same store and she is amazing at what she teaches.
It really depends on your instructor. I enjoyed the 3/4 of the courses. In course 3 I had a falling out with the instructor that forced me to talk to the manager of the local Micheal's. It turned out I wasn't the only person having issues with her.
Did I read the OP's post right when she said the cupcakes travelled 200 km? That could have been a contributing factor.
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