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I find the bride's story is hinky. Maybe it's the cynical side of me BUT . . . I find it odd that she is going to take the financial hit of losing deposits if not full totals on every vendor for her wedding because her closing date on a house is 3 days prior to the wedding and has to move; not to mention not considering people who may be flying in for the wedding, hotel, vacation time wasted, blah blah blah. Add in the factor she asks a few days prior to the cut off...
That is going to be a whole lot of cake for a house warming party.
I am making a wedding cake for a friend who is the anti bride on Aug. 11. She was going to get sheet cake from Costco and when she told me this I freaking near had a stroke. I told her "NO, I will make it as your gift". I want to make chocolate ganache instead of butter cream. The process scares the bejesus out of me. I found a nice video by Inspirations by Heather (nice lady from Oz) that made it do able. I bought whipping cream, a kilo of semi sweet chips as well as...
Can you lightly colour the icing the navy blue and then paint the inside of the piping bag a darker hue? I think you need to tell the bride the high chance of her having a blue smile in her wedding pictures with the navy icing.
I live on the East Coast of Canada and at any given time it can be beyond humid or really dry in the summer. Right now the humidity is just right for for gum paste - completely dry in 3 hours. I plan on leaving them out over night to be 100% on the dry aspect.
I am making a wedding cake for a friend in August and I am in the process of making 100 hydrangeas (thank you Jacquelyn Butler). I am about 40 pieces in and I just realized I have no good way to store them safely - I have two cats, two dogs, a 4 year old boy who likes to make cakes with me. I was thinking of storing them in a 9 x 24 Sterile container but should I go find some foam, bubble wrap, etc to cushion them? I have no plans on dusting them until a few days before...
OMG! I would have freaked. A discount on her next order? Like your friend will ever order from that baker again. I would be leaving a comment on Yelp, facebook, blog, etc to warn others.
Hi,Yah, a cake travelling 14 hours screams disaster. I did some digging on the Canadian version to Craigslist and came across this - this baker isn't your bride's taste tell her she may have to look at bakeries in Fredericton or Moncton. This will either require her driving to either city and picking them up or paying a delivery fee.
Golda's kitchen is an amazing company - I bought all the supplies for my 1st fondant / tiered cake from them. I couldn't find the SPS on their site. I also ordered a few Magic Line pans and gum paste tools to justify the shipping.
I just bought 6 - 10 round plates and two sets of pillars last night. I was already on GSA buying some magic line pans and figured since I was paying $50 for shipping I might as well make it worth it. I am excited because it is going to be shipped to my new house!
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