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I made an 8 inch round rainbow cake the other day. I used 3 cake mixes to get my layers; 2 cups per layer and had some batter left over. Each layer was approx 3/4 inch high with two ice cream scoops of BC in between. Total height was jut shy of 5 inches. My husband enjoyed cake tops with cool whip.       This cracks me up!
This cracks me up.
This is my wedding cake.  I really wanted a fondant ribbon at each base but the bakery said they could never match my navy.  So I bought a HUGE roll of ribbon and I still have it.  This cake was bought from one of the most prominent bakeries in my city.  The caterar cut the slices to small and I had a ton of cake left over so my husband and I munched on it for a week. 
Do you have friends / family in the USA that you can trust to have product shipped to them and have them ship it to you?   I decorate for a hobby but I like having fancy tools, I find it makes my life easier.  I have a friend that lives in Boston is nice enough to be my postal mule. I refund her via PayPal and a few times a year I send her a "Canadian" care package.  Usually once a month she will open all my shipments and repackage it into a flat rate shipping box...
If you are really new to the area/Maritimes, you will notice that a majority of people get their hackles up over "custom cakes", the smaller the community, the higher the hackles are raised.  Up until the last 5-10 years, custom cakes were unheard off and Sobey's or Superstore were the only places to get wedding and celebration cakes if they weren't made at home in smaller communities.     I personally would just delete the offending comments and just respond via...
Just wondering if anyone can recommend DIY kits to make cookie cutters.  I found one on The Cookie Cutter website but I couldn't find any reviews.  
I took a reminder of a 1L carton of buttermilk and poured it out into ice cube trays, froze it and after it froze put them in a large ziplock baggie.  Each ice cube form holds close to 30 mls I find. 
I can't read a single post in this thread.  This is what is driving me bonkers!
Last night I made about five pounds of butter cream for the three dozen cupcakes and barbie cake I have intentions on making today- Saturday.
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