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its not thin the consistency and its not thick - its ideal to pipe and doesn't run or anything. (if anything its probably near to thin so i will try adding more icing sugar - thanks)I'm sorry i'm new to this but i don't know what (ABC vs. I/SMBC) is my buttercream is just icing sugar, tad of vanilla & butter.I was using liquid colouring but found it did just this to yesterday bought some paste and its done exactly the same.thanks for your help so far
have been trying to dye my buttercream (red) but am having bother as to why it looks like the dye isn't soaking into the mixture? It is going red but it would seem theres like streaks of dye running right through it giving it a two tone effect.I have mixed and mixed and even got the electric mixer out thinking i'm not mixing it enough but it just doesn't seem to even itself out?Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Aww see how rubbish i am the different US/UK terms really confuse me thanks for that
thanks so much for your help so far guys,... i need to get me some of that sugar paste - i've heard alot but am at the minute just working on basic buttercream and fondant. Sorry if i sound dumb but whats the pros with sugarpaste over fondant? I've read about the fact its thinner than fondant but apart from reading its used on many peoples cakes i thought it maybe best i get some info on it. Does it go hard? I made a sonic cake the other day (still need to upload the...
Hi all - too a lurker if you like but have been reading through this thread for days (infact weeks!) Currently in the process of baking for family and friends and building up a portfolio so this thread has been really good - thanks to all who have contributed so far !I've been doing my research on here, youtube, other sites, ace of cakes, cupcake wars but one thing that i don't 100% understand is how you can use the likes of wires and other objects in cakes that clearly...
thanks guys - you will have to excuse my ignorance on one or two things i'm a total novice at all things cake and am still learning the ropes - i'm so sorry Thats a good idea using cereal boxes - that will do great for now.Thanks again
bumphave thought about using the extenders but i'm not sure if they're as simple to get over here in the UK as it might be in the US.I was thinking of just getting the lids of the boxes putting it in and wrapping the selophane around it all so it doesn't touch the frosting but again can't find anywhere that just sells lids.Wonder if i could make them myself?!
So apart from the fact liquid can make it wet and soggy (which i've gotten over with adding a tad of flour!) what are the other advantages of using paste over the liquid when using colourings?Thanks in advance
have recently made a white chocolate shell to go around the bottom of my cupcake and a milk chocolate (both proper cooking chocolate) - we don't really have the likes of candy melts readily available in the UK and where they do sell them they are very expensive and so am wanting to experiment with different chocolates for the base.Does anyone know if its possible to use the likes of cadburys or galaxy chocolate for the base? I melt the chocolate 30 secs at a time in the...
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