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Thank you!!:)
I was going through pics and came across this grand cake with IndyDebi! I was wondering what was used to stack the cake that tall... the Wilton separators?    Also, do those poinsettias look like the fake silk ones from Michaels/Hobby Lobby?   What flowers would you suggest if you wanted to make this cake into a Spring theme? Thank you!!       
Thanks buddycarol, but is there a Wilton spray in that brown color?    I have the Duff airbrush, and the airbrush gun stopped working after 2 uses. I bought another gun, but that stopped working in the first use as well! Not sure what happened... :-/
How do you get this brown effect on the whole cake? Is it airbrush, or using a sponge? Thanks for the help!      
aw..thanks! lol!!! I surely will do quality control! :-D
Thanks Apti! I was reading online that the Midway dip needs to be warmed for at least 2-4 hours so it reaches the right consistency, and also that it can scorch on the bottom or stay hard if not warmed properly. I also saw several caramel recipes that needed cooking for 20 mins and were ready to use....I'm getting inclined towards making my own caramel..... I surely am going to purchase packing supplies this week so I'm well prepared
Thank you so very much!!! I did look up online and was wondering which option would be advisable and better suited for making about 125 apples?   Caramel Bits   Midway canned caramel   Peter's Caramel loaf   Melt Dulce de Leche cans with some water and use that?   Looking for something that tastes yummy and is easy to work with.    Also, I found this supplier offering great prices, but they don't have a phone number on the website, and I haven't found anything...
I was going to try my hand at doing caramel/chocolate apples -  Dip apples in caramel then chocolate and then add toppings like crushed peanuts, Oreos, sprinkles etc.   I had a few questions so thought I'd ask on here... if anyone can please help, I'd really appreciate it!   1. Do you suggest using the caramel apple wraps or the dip? I don't want it to be a messy job, so I was considering the wraps, but do they taste good?   2. If the dip is better, should I get the...
Thank you! I'll try the spatula with green and choc b/c! Thanks!!
Thanks Anna! Doesn't it look like its a smooth buttercream, airbrushed?
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