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I recently saw a cake that used this mat for the texture - Maybe you could get this to achieve the look?
I'd really appreciate if someone can please guide me as to how to do the pink scallop design (with the black swirly outline border) which is under crown on the top tier of this cake.  Thanks!!  
Here the Cake Calculator I use all the time. It is based off Wilton servings -"&option=2&option=Select+Cakulator&chart=wiltonWedding2Inch&chart=Select+Chart&calculate=Calculate%21&.cgifields=pan
Says not available....would love to see it!
Thanks brandisbaked! Dawnybird, I wasn't sure if I'd get the blotchy effect just with colored fondant and petal dust. Will try colored fondant and airbrush along with petal dust. Thanks so much!
Thanks Brandisbaked! What is charcoal dust and where can I find it please? 
Anyone please? If airbrush, which airbrush and color shades would you recommend? TIA!
Thank you so much everyone!! Really appreciate it!!
Thanks ladies :) Any more opinions? Also, where could I find those separators please? Will the green foam in the floral section be good? Also, any challenges that we could encounter in stacking a cake like this? I will be using dummies for the display cake, but if we do a real cake, just use dowels or SPS? Thank you!!
Thank you sixinarow! I placed the order! Excited about using SPS finally!!!
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