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Thanks Brandisbaked! What is charcoal dust and where can I find it please? 
Anyone please? If airbrush, which airbrush and color shades would you recommend? TIA!
Thank you so much everyone!! Really appreciate it!!
Thanks ladies :) Any more opinions? Also, where could I find those separators please? Will the green foam in the floral section be good? Also, any challenges that we could encounter in stacking a cake like this? I will be using dummies for the display cake, but if we do a real cake, just use dowels or SPS? Thank you!!
Thank you sixinarow! I placed the order! Excited about using SPS finally!!!
I am trying to decide between these 2 styles below. Which cake design would you prefer? I am thinking of doing them Fall-themed so the decorations will be in Fall colors with leaves and sunflowers.    Also, what is used for the separator blocks in the calla lilly cake please? Thank you!     
Ok..another question! Do the Wilton pillars fit the SPS plates? If so, which Wilton pillars? The hidden pillars or the plastic dowels?
Thanks everyone! I'll go with SPS!
I've been torn between getting either the Wilton hidden pillars or the SPS and can't decide... I am reading good things about both.   The hidden pillars would be easily available at the local craft store, but I'd have to special order SPS and pay shipping.   What would you recommend is best between the two please? Thank you for the help!!
Thank you!!:)
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