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Hello!! We just heard about a critically ill boy in our community and all the neighbors have been scrambling to get things together to donate for his family so they have a great Christmas.   He loves Monsters Inc, and I thought making him a 3D cake like the picture below would be a great idea to cheer him up and bring a smile to his face. I need to make this tomorrow!!   Do you think this cake can be made with the 3D Wilton teddy bear pan? Any advice on how to get the...
Thank you! Appreciate it!
I was wondering how does one go about calculating the utilities for the business when you are a home-based business. For example, the gas bill, electric bill, water/sewer bill all come for the entire home's usage, so how do I separate what I use, for business expenses?   Thanks for the help!
Thank you MustangMollie! Will adding violet color to purple candy melts work? Not sure if powders will work.. :-/
YES!! Thank you so very much! Those are some very relevant questions to ask... appreciate it!
I'd really appreciate if someone can please tell me how do I get this dark purple in chocolate/candy melts, and also where I could find the dark purple sugar sprinkles -        I know this pic above is airbrushed, but how do I get the shade of dark purple that is drizzled, and also the dark purple sugar?     Thank you!!!
I use MMF all the time, and it doesn't need to be in the fridge at all. It lasts a lonnnnnggggg time, since it is basically sugar along with gum, that gives it flexibility.
What are your opinions on signing up at this website -   If you click on the "Guarantee" on top right, they are offering this deal where you pay $20/month, and pay upfront for 6 months = $120. If you haven't booked a wedding in that time, then they will extend the contract for another 6 months free.   They seem to have brides creating profiles looking for vendors, so would it work, to get more business? Thanks!
I know a friend who does weddings exclusively has a paid account on there and she said it has been really good... she receives a LOT of business from weddingwire.
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