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ya.. that's a good blog... however, I think Ron has industrial refrigerators that are not as humid so fondant cakes can be chilled in them without drooping or condensation. Home fridges don't have that kind of temperature control!
I add a touch of Wilton brown.. works like a charm
Thanks so much for the links and help! I did see the owl cutters that shanter shared but most of those are the full owl.. not like the pic, except for the coppergifts one...I have the tulip cutter and also saw the trick for using it for owls but they are not the same shape again Any way I could cut a template from the picture on sturdy cardstock and cut cookie dough with that?
I charge $2 per cupcake plus delivery/setup ($50 within 20 miles) and more if venue is farther away.
When I make whipped ganache, I make the ganache and leave it to cool and thicken at room temperature 5-7 hours, mostly overnight. Next day, I whip it up and it gets nice and smooth.
Hi!I am going to make these cookies for a bridal shower soon but can't find the cookie cutter anywhere online... can someone PLEASE help me find the cutter? TIA!
thanks so much for the response!! So it looks like I will have to freehand it or trace over a printout of an arrow... thank you!FlourPots.. your directions were clear! Not confusing at all thank you!
Fondant will wilt and soften if you keep it in an airtight container.You can make the flowers and hearts few weeks in advance and leave them to dry out in a plastic-wrap covered tray so they don't become soft.Make the cupcakes as planned, a day before the event and place the decorations on top before delivering. HTH!
Hi!I wanted to make these cupcakes for my daughter's school party but can't figure out how to do the arrows for the recycling logo. I don't think it will be as neat if I just pipe it and cutting it freehand out of fondant might make them uneven?Is there a cutter or any other suggestion please? Thank you!!
can u believe it that it actually crashed because people were going crazy using it and it couldn't handle the load!!??!They fixed it and now its working but they said it is vending out 1000 cupcakes per day!! INCREDIBLE!!!
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