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agree with everyone else... that lady didn't know how to back out of paying you the money... good you didn't let her have the cake.. she didn't deserve it... silly woman... x-(
I have come across several storefront and home-based bakers/cakers offer classes and seen class details etc posted on their website and Facebook pages.I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on this.... I mean.. for each student that you have in class, aren't you losing a potential customer? Even if they don't end up making the product as well as you, you are still teaching them the recipe, technique etc... regardless of how much you charge for class.I have seen...
Thank you cheatize! I will try that and hopefully it should work.. I only need to make 15 cookies.
Thanks... agree with you guys... I sure won't change my pricing to accommodate her budget! I am meeting with her soon so we'll discuss things and see what she decides
Thanks for the suggestions everyone!! I guess unfilled cupcakes and no fruit will be the way to go... thanks so much!
I have an inquiry for 375 wedding cupcakes. Half are filled and half unfilled. I charge $25/dozen for plain and $30/dozen for filled cupcakes. The bride also wants a chocolate-covered strawberry on each cupcake, to get a serving of cake and fruit for her guests, so at the rate of $2 each, the total for the order comes out to $1609.50.Plus she wants a cutting cake too, so that will be $3/serving for about 20 servings.She said that rate is out of her budget so she needs...
ya.. that's a good blog... however, I think Ron has industrial refrigerators that are not as humid so fondant cakes can be chilled in them without drooping or condensation. Home fridges don't have that kind of temperature control!
I add a touch of Wilton brown.. works like a charm
Thanks so much for the links and help! I did see the owl cutters that shanter shared but most of those are the full owl.. not like the pic, except for the coppergifts one...I have the tulip cutter and also saw the trick for using it for owls but they are not the same shape again Any way I could cut a template from the picture on sturdy cardstock and cut cookie dough with that?
I charge $2 per cupcake plus delivery/setup ($50 within 20 miles) and more if venue is farther away.
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