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thank you johnson6ofus! those are all GREAT points to think about... appreciate your input! very sticky situation... i'm getting wary of it... :-/if I were to start my own retail outlet and wanted to raise funds, how does investing and sharing work then?If someone wants to invest, say, $5000, then it acts like a loan right? And I pay them back the amount accordingly? Maybe I could ask him to invest when I start my own thing?
search on Google!
Thanks shawnteel! Agree with you about word of mouth publicity... I even gave her extra business cards to hand out to people for me if she liked the cupcakes! I think I am going to give her 6 more with better frosting.... appreciate it
Thank you everyone for the great advice! I have good material to go through with my lawyer to see if this can be a viable proposition! Really appreciate your help!!
Cover a cake board with plastic wrap, fill a piping bag with icing and a writing tip (#2 or 3) and practice, practice, practice!Keep wiping the board, keep writing on it and practice!
I made purple buttercream and added Wilton violet to the white frosting in good amount, not realizing it would change the taste. Delivered the cupcakes to the customer this morning and she was super happy looking at the decoration/flowers.I tried a vanilla cupcake with the purple frosting just now and to my dismay, the frosting left a bad taste in my mouth I had 6 cupcakes with purple frosting that I gave the customer.I was thinking, should I make another batch of 6...
I think followup emails can possibly be done by me.... can anyone please share what they write as a followup, apart from thanks?
then what do you suggest? I invest 50% plus bring my skills too?
I had started doing thank you/feedback emails but then decided it wasn't worth it... if my customers like my treats, they usually write back gushing about how good everything was.... Is it worth doing the cards/emails?
Thanks so much for the input! I think him providing all the investment and taking 50% of the profit sounds good to me but how do I put it across to him?Yes, I will be doing all the baking/decorating/managing the kitchen/inventory etc. He will be there day to day, supervising staff and handling the cash register/customers.
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