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You could also try using Rich's Whip topping or Bettercreme.
Thank you Kara!! :) Or do you think cutting out individual pieces and placing them in a zig zag manner to make a chevron pattern would be easier?
Hi!!   I was wondering how is the thick and thin chevron on the bottom tier of this cake cut? What kind of stencil could I use? I have some chevron cutters, but they are not like the chevron pattern on this cake.   Appreciate any help please! Thanks!!   
The lace on the cake is Sugar Veil, and the patterns you see on the cake are made by spreading Sugar Veil on their special mats. The sugar veil icing dries and produces edible lace which you have to place on the cake like the picture.   Check out the website for Sugar Veil and you can get info on ordering and using it.
 Agree! My kids are 5 and 3, and I do a lot of late nights, and work in the evenings when my husband is back from work.  He is also responsible for the kids on the weekends.. haha! ETA - I really want to do farmers markets, but with the weekends booked up regularly, I don't want to overwhelm myself with being at the markets, while trying to find time to do custom orders :) If you want to do farmers markets, do just those, and bake Fri evenings/nights for Saturday markets. 
Yep! Bridal show season is back!! I have one coming up in 2 weeks! Trying to find time to make a couple of dummy cakes for my new designs
I think you can substitute meringue powder for the dream whip, to make it dairy free?
Anyone please? 
Also, what sizes would you recommend for 120 servings? These look like there's considerable gap in the tier sizes..
Any ideas on how to make a cake like this? It doesn't look like the usual topsy turvy with sharp slants. Is it just tapered on the sides? Any tips on how to make this and carve it? Thank you!!
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