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I was wondering what the cake tiers sizes were in this cake - I saw hexagon pans that are 6/9/12/15, and these serve 148, which is what the bride wants.   But how would you adjust the design (2" and 4" height tiers) to serve 150?   Would appreciate any help with what cake pan sizes to use, to get the same look and serve 150. Thank you so much!!!  
Oh ok! Thanks! Those are the Martellato ones
I tried searching for 'cake lace' on global sugar arts, but nothing came up?
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!
Yeah, cake lace has some pretty mats, but shipping to the US is expensive!
Ha! I see that ALL the time in the Facebook yard sale pages in my area!
Wow! Do you have pics of the cookies? They sound pretty!
Thanks! Can you recommendation good airbrush gun? I have. 2 that are broken the compressor works great though
Thank you!
That's a sweet idea! How many cookies do you plan on giving each vendor? Wrapped with your card?
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