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I was browsing for luau themed cakes and found this sweet design, but was wondering if anyone had tips on making the hibiscus cutout flowers?    I've read some people use Cricut, but I don't have that... do you think a heart-shaped cutter would work well? Any ideas? Thanks!!  
Some great inputs...thank you so much!! Appreciate it! :D
Anyone please??
I've read people have good luck with mixing satin ice and marshmallow fondant... maybe try that, since you've already bought so much? MMF is very easy to make... just melt marshmallows (2 bags) with 3-4 tbsp of water, add enough PS so that it is pliable and a bit stringy. Let it rest in a covered bowl for 6-8 hours and it'll be the perfect consistency to use! HTH!
How do I make this cake so it looks 3D like this picture? Will it be easy to cover in fondant, without tearing on the edges? Appreciate any help!!   
Thanks so much!!! Appreciate it!
I discussed a 2-tier with my cousin for ease of transporting since her daughter's birthday is on a campground with gravel and bumpy roads. If a 3-tier, then I guess a 6/8/10?
I'm having a hard time figuring out what tier sizes to make for a 75 serving 2-tier cake I use the Wilton guide to calculate, but a 10" & 12" will serve 68 (party servings) and anything other than that serves more than 75! Can someone please help with what 2-tier size cakes should I make? Thanks!!
Thank you!!! Ya, not sure how easy it is to get them out.. But they look great for single cupcake packaging!
Was wondering if anyone can please help find these containers for single cupcakes? Thank you!!  
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