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Oops ... What I forgot to say was I got them at walmart & the supermarket
Zip lock makes an XL 4 bag that is giant I stick my cakes in that before refrigerating or freezing them
Keep the precut scrolls under plastic wrap or the will dry flat and not wrap around the cake... Learned that one the hard way
Making 60 vanilla cupcakes with creamed cheese icing for a bridal shower on Saturday ... I have never made it before so I found two recipes and Made two batches one with powdered sugar and one using SMBC. While the SMBC was tasty it was very light and I don't know if it will hold up to being piped on the cupcakes and then decorated with mini roses and such. The powdered sugar recipe was cloyingly sweet but looks like it would pipe well. I did try mixing the two versions...
When you think about a name google it first to make sure you don't get any xrated results... Stay away from anything with fantasy, dreams, temptation.... Took me months to come up with a name.
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