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My preferred way to create that rosette look is using Sharon Wee's technique taught in her online tutorial...!/~/category/id=1739767&offset=0&sort=normal   I've used this technique, and while it is time consuming and you do have to pay a small fee for the tutorial, I feel it creates the most stunning fondant ruffled rosettes.
Sorry I forgot to list sizes...probably an 8,6,4...but I think a 10,8, 6 would look better
I know price varies due to many factors, but how much would you all charge for this design as a 3 tier cake without the flower?
Thanks FrostThis! I don't have experience with royal is strong enough to support the weight of the bows? How quickly does it dry? Should I insert toothpicks/skewers in the knot portion as well? Should this be done on location or can this withstand an hour of travel time to the destination?
Hi,How do you securely attach fondant bows to a cake like this? I tried to attach gumpaste pom poms to the sides of a cake like this once, and it didn't work so well, so I'm extremely nervous to do this! Please help!
Well that is what I assumed, but then my husband chimed in and wanted to know why it had to be refrigerated in the first place then haha. So that got me questioning it.
I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere online, but I haven't been able to find it...I'm using Nicholas Lodge's recipe for gumpaste for the first time, and it says to store the paste in the refrigerator before using. That is all fine and dandy, but what about the items that I make out of the gumpaste that have to dry for a few days, and are then placed on a cake that will likely sit out overnight? Are the gumpaste items safe for eating? If any of the children decide to...
Hi! For those of you who have tried this recipe, or who want to take a look at it and tell me what you think, does this need to be refrigerated? I want to use as a filling b/w my cake layers for a cake being served I need to know if I can fill and frost my cake tonight, or if I need to wait and do the whole thing tomorrow.!!
Hi! I'm making cream cheese pound cake cupcakes for a birthday party, and I'm wondering what I should use to frost them. Regular buttercream? Some sort of fun flavored buttercream? A whipped cream frosting topped with piece of fresh fruit? What would you guys do? And if you've got specific frosting recipe in mind, please share or PM me! (I've only ever made plain old buttercream before, so my recipe collection needs some help!)Thanks!!
I guess I have a couple questions here...First off, I need to make some gum paste today but don't have tylose (only have Gum Tex). Can tylose and Gum Tex be used interchangeably? If so, what is the ratio?Second, I've seen a lot of recipes that I could make with Gum Tex...but they all seem to use Knox gelatin. I attempted one of those recipes, but it was a complete failure. The gum paste ended up with globs of what I'm assuming was the hardened gelatin throughout and it was...
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