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Hi, this sounds very intresting. Thank you!
Thank you. What I am going to be doing is a replica of my granddaughters out fit. The bottom layer will be round with ruffles to imitate a tutu, middle layer is  the top so I should just carve a little just to give a small shape  being that she is only going to be 3 and the top layer will be her top hat.  I have gotten great ideas and I thank you all!! I am confident I will pull this off. Again thank you!
Thank you, Mattyeatscakes. I will definately do it that way. I will be doing this cake mid October (fingers crossed that it will come out lovely)
Again thank you and I sure will.
I use ifigourme from Pastry Portal. Just wish they had it in colors it only comes in white.
Hi winniemog   I want to thank you, thank you, thank you. I really had no idea on how to start this kind of shape. And it is so important to me because the cake I'm making is for my going to turn 3 years old granddaughter. I am actually making a tutu bottom and the top. Also a small top hat Theme is circus/carnival but the colors are going to be light colors perfect for a little girl. This si why I love Cake Central there are always answers from generous people like...
Hello,   I need help or ideas on how to make the cake on top of the carnival tent (the second layer) your help will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you!
This is my favorite cake. My daughter's Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme cake and I really enjoy making it.    
Wow! Thank you KARichards46 I also had a person who has a business and was interested  in me just making her specialty cakes for her catering space at her restaurant. She had told me since I was just beginning I can sell the cakes for half the price of what they really cost and at the same time get more experience with the more cakes I make. I made one cake for her but I wanted to do this right. I know I need the correct papers certificates, license etc. to sell cakes so...
Thank you everyone for your advice and kind words!
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