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I know this is an old thread, but I did find the cardboard dowels while searching for tea/bubble straws. Lady Mary / Ateco Parchment Coated Paperboard Dowels, 12-Pack. Ateco sells them on Amazon (and is a Prime company!)
I would cover a cake board in black/grey fondant for the brim. Then use either a 1/2 ball mold (if the appropriate size) or stack the size cakes you want and carve a rounded top to them (I hope that makes sense). You can carve slight indents for the detailing on the hat (where it looks pushed in). Cover with the same fondant as on the cake board/brim.   Hope that helps or at least sparks some ideas for you. Good luck!
I have a request for a Frozen theme cake and I want to put Olaf and Sven on top (3D).  Has anyone seen a tutorial for making Sven from fondant? I'm sure I could go buy a "figurine" of him to use as a model and go from there, but thought I would check the wonderfully helpful CC community first.   Thanks!
Thank you DeliciousDesserts. I found the review you mentioned and it was extremely helpful!
I use to use the Wilton's boxed fondant. Then I recently tried Satin Ice and was happy with both their fondant and their gum paste. Just curious about the other brands I have been receiving emails about: Fondx and Elite for example. I know everyone usually has a preference, was just wondering what peoplel have found pro/con wise that have tried or used a few of the different brands.
Will the rest of my cake pictures be showing up eventually? Or do I need to repost them? Some were favorited by people and others had comments on them.
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