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Thanks for the thread. Has anyone covered a heart shaped cake with the rosettes?
I think the southerners use a cooked flour frosting with RV. There are a couple of recipes posted here. HTH
I think they are talking about the red velvet redux recipe on page 1. If not they should be. That recipe is fabulous and it has buttermilk as an ingredient. Some will only eat my red velvet cakes. I haven't had one that compares to it. HTH
Maybe the fondant was too thin? Can you add another layer of fondant to help hide the lumps? Just my thoughts.
Lightly covered on the counter should be ok unless there's a perishable filling or frosting that must be kept cold. Fondant accents will be ok as well. HTH
My avitar is a combination of strawberry and funfetti mixes. I layered them and the cake was marbled pink and white (with the sprinkles). Everyone liked the effect. HTH
I've beeen thinking about a printer myself and am going to buy the canon because it has a removable (and cleanable/replaceable) print head. Sugary icing dries hard and once it clogs, the printer doesen't work. It was about $80. at Staples the last time I looked.HTH
Crazy-Gray, I'm glad you liked my little saying. A man can cook/bake for me any time :)
My son is a 6'6" woman chasing retired Marine core gunnery sgt who bakes and decorates cakes. He was the first person that I saw decorate a cake from beginning to end (he even piped roses and leaves). Real men bake and decorate
I baked one and put it on a 6" cake board. It was small and I wound up cutting over an inch off the board.. The outside base is 4&3/4", inside base is 4&1/2". It tapers up to 6". This is the Wilton pan. I don't have the other pan to compare. HTH   I think it would look better on an 8" cake since the top of the cupcake is almost 6" it would be the same size as the 6" cake that it's sitting on.
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