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Thanks for the advice everyone. Unfortunately I won't be able to let them settle, is there a trick to this to speed up the process? Maybe putting alittle force on them after filling?I have from Noon to 4:30 to stack, fill, coat, cover with fondant, and decorate the cake today. Fun!
Alright, thanks.
Hi,Yes I will be using straws for support and 1 long dowel through the whole system!Glad to hear refridgeration isn't necessary.
Hey guys. So I am very new at making cakes and have done a lot of reading and have read lots of different opinions..I have my cake layers in the freezer. I baked each layer separately.I plan on taking them out of the freezer and letting them thaw over night.Then I will fill them with Buttercream and carve straight edges (any good tutorials on this btw?) also will be carving the top as it is a topsy-turvy cake.Same with the other tier.Then I will crumb coat and let it sit...
Alright guys thanks! I have one more question.Do you wrap the cakes while warm or completely cool? Same when freezing, do you put them in the freezer still warm or wait till it gets to room temp?
So even if it's only frozen for a day it's better to freeze then leave at room temp for 3 days? I have never frozen a cake before and this is a special cake so want to be sure I do this right!It will be a 2 tier topsy-turvy cake with a 3 layer chocolate bottom tier and 2 layer vanilla top tier. Covered in fondant.
Hey all! New here.I am making a birthday cake for my mother and am going to start baking the layers tomorrow. 5 Layers total.I understand refridgeration is bad, and freezing is best to store for long term use, however...I will be making the cakes Wednesday, but will not be building the cake until Friday. Would it be better to leave the cakes out at room temp, or freeze them for a day and thaw them Thursday night?Any tips for how to store them either way?Thanks!
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