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Really??I JUST bought 3 mixes to try some doctored recipes for Easter. I always bake from scratch but decided to take the easier route this year.Hopefully the recipes still work! Now I am nervous.
I know this isn't a cake.. But I trust you guys as the best source for my answers!Every holiday I get asked for my Sweet Potato Pie. I am making a lot this Easter so decided to buy Crust instead of make it (oops. )However, I wasn't thinking and bought Graham Cracker crusts..The Sweet Potato takes 40-60 minutes to cook.. Will the Graham Cracker crust make it? Maybe if I put tinfoil on the edges?I'd just go out to buy more crust but 1. I don't like to waste, and 2. Graham...
Hey guys!I made lots of MMF for my mother's birthday cake on Janury 6th. I have a lot leftover, but don't cake very often. I'd love to use it for Easter. Will it still be okay to consume?I have each color separated in plastic wrap then sealed in a large ziplock, it's been stored in the pantry at room temperature.All it is really is Marshmellows, Water and sSgar. I doubt it'll go bad in 3 months?Whats' your take on this? It is just for my family.Thanks!
Either your Butter was too soft.. Or you added too much Milk.. That's all I can think of. I assume you were making American Buttercream.
Have you tried baking strips? That works for me.
If it were me I would do a base cake (grass, etc.) and then the lion sitting down. Have the body made of cake and make the entire head of rice krispie treats!Do show us a picture when it's done!
How about making the Basket Ball and Soccer Balls Pink and Purple in color instead of the usual Black and Orange? That's what I'd do! And do the same color scheme on the 6".
Hey there! I actually saw that recipe but am afraid to mess with it too much since I have NO idea what a baked cheesecake batter is suposed to look/feel like. I wouldn't know what to look for when subsituting the cocoa and adding the cream. But I'll definitely think about it.. it looks good!
The purple really sticks out to me. Especially the top-right flower. That would be my choice.
Hey guys!I plan on making a cheesecake for valentines day for my sweetie and I. I have never made a baked cheesecake before. And although I have mastered the no-bake version, I don't want to be messing around with a baked cake especially because the cost of the ingredients.Anyway! I want something very tastey and creamy. And chocolatey! I don't mind richness (I actually love very rich desserts) but not too rich that you feel sick after a small piece, there will be cookies...
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