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I'm thinking of making some snickerdoodles, they are always a hit and so easy to make. I feel good despite eating a few cookies but I still won't be bringing them today. Thanks for the quick responses guys. :)
That's pretty much what I'm thinking... I don't want to make my family sick.. Hopefully I don't get sick! I'm really gutted over this, I ended up making 80 total and just realized my mistake on my last 5. Going to be really difficult throwing all that food and hours of work away and showing up to Christmas dinner with no cookies.
Hey thanks, but the icing was made with raw egg whites at room temperature, I never cooked them beforehand.   I used this simple recipe :   I'm so upset about this... :(
I am kicking myself right now!! I'm at the last of my sugar cookies (4 dozen!!) and I realized the royal icing I made I forgot to refrigerate!! I always do, I don't know what made me forget this time. I made the batch on Sunday and the icing sat at room temp in piping bags until today (taken out and remixed, but never refrigerated). I've eaten probably 3 cookies with icing over the past 3 days and feel fine. I made the icing with egg whites. Are the cookies safe to eat? Or...
Anyone? :) Need to make it in an hour.   OR     I am making white chocolate fudge (with nothing in it) tonight for St. Patties day (I'll be dying the fudge green).   I am just wondering which recipe I should use? I've never done fudge this way and am not sure how the butter will affect the end product.     Thanks!
Great thanks! How about a finished cake with fondant? It's all done and it is hiding in a clean cupboard right now. Where do you guys store your finished fondant cakes? In the fridge, or on the counter?  
Hi,   I have a cake that I just finished crumb coating. I am now waiting to make my fondant. What do you guys do while preparing fondant?   Put it in the freezer, fridge or leave on your counter top?
Hi there!   I am making a 2 tiered cake and am wondering if I have enough Buttercream for it.   I have 3.4 lbs (1543g) of buttercream. (or a recipe made with 2lbs of butter)   The cake is 8" bottom, 6" top. I need to fill the top tier (bottom tier will be a different buttercream) and I need to ice the whole cake. I will not be using fondant, just buttercream.   So will what I have be enough?
Good to know! I was always told COT helps with setting and stabilizes the final product.I think in the end I might just stick with my white icing and dying it black. For the cookies that will have a lot of black I do not mind it being a tad bit grey. I am sure the cookie will cover up the nasty taste to a point.Appreciate it again guys, maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try chocolate royal icing! Hehe.
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