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Anyone? :) Need to make it in an hour.   OR     I am making white chocolate fudge (with nothing in it) tonight for St. Patties day (I'll be dying the fudge green).   I am just wondering which recipe I should use? I've never done fudge this way and am not sure how the butter will affect the end product.     Thanks!
Great thanks! How about a finished cake with fondant? It's all done and it is hiding in a clean cupboard right now. Where do you guys store your finished fondant cakes? In the fridge, or on the counter?  
Hi,   I have a cake that I just finished crumb coating. I am now waiting to make my fondant. What do you guys do while preparing fondant?   Put it in the freezer, fridge or leave on your counter top?
Hi there!   I am making a 2 tiered cake and am wondering if I have enough Buttercream for it.   I have 3.4 lbs (1543g) of buttercream. (or a recipe made with 2lbs of butter)   The cake is 8" bottom, 6" top. I need to fill the top tier (bottom tier will be a different buttercream) and I need to ice the whole cake. I will not be using fondant, just buttercream.   So will what I have be enough?
Good to know! I was always told COT helps with setting and stabilizes the final product.I think in the end I might just stick with my white icing and dying it black. For the cookies that will have a lot of black I do not mind it being a tad bit grey. I am sure the cookie will cover up the nasty taste to a point.Appreciate it again guys, maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try chocolate royal icing! Hehe.
I do use cream of tartar for my recipes. Good to know. Will it affect setting times if I don't use COT?I use Wilton brand. Americolors aren't available near me, I'd have to order online and since I am just a hobby baker, Wilton is it.Thanks again.
Thanks for the recipe Janine! However, I only use egg whites for my Royal Icing. I will probably never switch to the powder. Do you know a recipe that is trusted that uses egg whites? I'll be making the icing today and I am a little worried about the outcome!I did do a test recipe and I put enough black in where I started to taste it, and it turned a purple grey color. It looks like you can't get true black without it tasting bad, even when starting with chocolate?
Great to hear! I wasn't sure because of the fact that we'd be adding fat content to the RI. I'll make a batch first before putting them on my cookies to be extra sure on texture and flavor.Thanks!!
Hi all!I am making some Royal icing Sugar Cookies for Halloween. I need a lot of black, and hate the taste. A very good suggestion is starting out with chocolate icing. However, I've never seen this for royal icing.My question is, if I add some cocoa powder to my royal icing recipe, will it still set the same? I need them to set hard like regular royal icing does.If not, do you have any other suggestions for good tasting (or tolerable) black royal icing?Thanks!!
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