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I like the pic on the main page, but I would make it so that when you click on it it goes to antoher page, like th emain weddign cakes page or gallery. Also make the images on the pages unclickable - I have no idea what the proper term for it is but it shouldn't open up to the image in a new window. Also there is a lot of scrolling, and the images take up a lot of space, and the menu seems a bit confused, like it could flow better. I love the simplicity of the...
Hahaha, Love it!
Bad cruel cake lady, I'm going to break the internets! No but seriously it's general!
Gosh how sensitive are some of you? Now I wasn't calling you thick personally and I apologies if I hurt your feeling, but I did actually believe that you did not mean a 3 tier cake, but a cake with 3 layers as no one can be thick enough to price a 3 tier cake for $50. Seriously, I don't think you can even get enough ingredients for a 3 tier with $50. That is not even lack of business acumen, it's stupidity to price your cake at less than it costs to make in...
If the tiers are 1"-2" then fine whatever, but I can't believe that anyone is thick enough to price a 3 tier for $50/£30.
One does one layer on each tier mean? Like a cake that is literally 3-5" tall?  
The reason I think she should cancel is because the customer pretty much cancelled an order, 'err sorry I found a cheaper quote so I'm going elsewhere, can you make my flowers though?' She cancelled her order 3 weeks before the wedding so she's clearly not too concerned about it.
I say cancel too. Let her new cake lady make it if she's the dogs B's.  
Same, it's called BACS over here and every business uses it. You don't need any sensitive information, just a sort code which is a number that identifies the bank and so accounts from the same bank have the same code, and your account number. I could give that info to you now and you couldn't do anything with it. And you don't need your customers bank details. I think it's terrible that you don't have the ease of bank transfers but credit credit credit.
It's probably because you used baking soda and self raising. I use self raising for vanilla/lemon cakes, just don't add any other raising agents and it should be fine.
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