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I love this forum.
Thanks keepingitreal! Okay I'm looking at my phone right now but I cant see the gold tier on the wreck at all?!
Oh Please AZ, I need that PM!! A wedding/party planner has been sending the pics of the duds that she's had to face while planning, she tries to convice people that she can find someone professional but some couples are adamant they know someone. And hilarity ensues.  
Gross, some people have no taste. 'tastes homemade' - umm yeh sure.  
Because it was quite simply, epic.
Yes, I would have been just as mad as you fo' sho'. But there's nothing you can really do about it, and that's probably the way it should be.
Cray Cray, from start to finish.  
I agree with sticking to helping out family and friends with cakes until you're at a skill level that you feel comfortable charging at least a normal price for. Cakes are a lot more fun when they are a hobby anyway!  
Finally got asked if I can do a moist cake, and questioned as to whether my cakes were moist or dry. Wooohooooo!!!!!
How can anyone NOT tell the difference between butter buttercream and shortening buttercream? Really?  
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