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I would be crapping my pants to sit at that wedding with that creepy thing just...hanging around. She looks like she is being put up for sacrifice.
I'm in the UK but I rent stands to brides and also rent stands from other business' and then rent them to my brides if that makes sense. For me, I'd prefer to rent then keep a whole lot of different size stands especially as I work from home. I would love the wooden cake stands here but alas, no one is doing them. As far as I know at least.  
I know you can but it online and at cash and carry sort of shops, bookers, makro and that sort of place.  
I use callebaut now for milk, dark and white chocolate ganache. I think I used to use becolade and I didn't like the texture of the white chocolate gananche. There may be better brands for white, I always add vanilla to it as well. White choc ganache is just a lot more tempremental in imo, dark gananche sets quickly and is very firm which is great for sugarpaste whilst white is softer although still a lot firmer than buttercream.
Okay I'll PM, I feel bad sending all you nutters to her page! Edit: OK now she really has deleted her page.
I've seen the other stuff by the decorator who apparently did this, cakes are terrible of course but she hasn't posted this cake on her page.  
How much was the deposit she gave you, and did you tell you exactly what she wasn't happy with? I have to say t's a very strange cake, maybe it looked better in her head?
Did you put it in the fridge, freezer? It only gets really hard for me if I put it in there, leave it at room temperature for a few hours and it should be spreadable like peanut butter.  
If you're charging too low, you're probably scaring people off. Most brides will be hesitant to go with someone who charges ridiculously low prices, in case they get a hot mess delivered on their wedding day.
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