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I think Starbucks stole Duffins from Bea of Bloomsbury #duffingate
I know EXACTLY the page, I saw it myself. Shockingly stupid to put that up for sale AND explain the stupid story, plus that wasn't the first time her kids had demolished a cake.
It was a dog that licked half the buttercream icing off a customers cake, and the customer cake back and asked to re-ice it.!
Why did you give them a refund? If the place was 3 minutes away why didn't you just take it all the way?
Sounds horrible! I did find out recently that a upmarket venue likes to have the bottom tier real and the rest fake. They want square kitchen cakes so they can serve it quickly and cut it more easily.
As it's for 2014 dummies, I would definitely check what's trending on pinterest. Also, the popular wedding blogs (style me pretty, ruffled, wedding chicks) and generally things that you like. I wouldn't bother with bridal magazines, they're like a year behind any sort of trends anyway. I think brides sort of follow trends, it's just that whatever is popular they tend to see more of, and so are drawn to them. Vintage is still ridiculously popular here, as well as naked...
You did an amazing job, congratulations. Some people are totally made for cake, and all your practice and dedication really paid off. Did you manage to make the flowers or did you have the by them? Either way it's beautiful.
Hi, tbh anything for GCSE's will be fine. Maybe when you get to your A-levels and further you can try to plan for subjects that you think will help your career. I did science and maths a levels but now make wedding cakes, so it's not a field that you have to be super strict in qualifications wise. As long as you get good grades, you'll be fine to get on a cooking/pastry course in the future.
I don't think you should give them a refund, seek legal advice but over here it's not uncommon for the venue to ask for the cake to be delivered the day before. Maybe beginning legal proceedings against the venue will shake them up enough to take responsibility for it. It's not exactly the same but I delivered a cake on the day of the wedding, the catering staff then took it to a walk in freezer room. Apparently when they took it out the cake melted or something or other,...
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