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Google lace fabric and then pipe a similar design onto the cake with royal icing?
After I bake I put them someone very cool to cool quickly and that solved me problems so far. Also you might be slightly over baking them so they peel away from the liners. I've used the same recipe and sometimes they've peeled and sometimes they haven't, so I don't think its an issue with the leavening/chemistry of the batter.  
I'm android and this sounds right up my street,  
A pre-baked shop bought pie encased in a box mixed cake, mmmmmmm deeeeelicious.
See, those prices are much better! The people who push you to lower the price are usualyl the rudest and most ungrateful
Large plastic bags over the top.  
People ask me all the time, and I ask people as well. Like "Oh, so where are you from?" The OP didn't explain the context, but there is a way that a person can be asked that makes it clear that the questioner has issues.
I'm the same age as you, no store front and I'm black, who cares? No way would I take what you take for a cake. Understand that the people who are going to judge you because of your race/age/religion/blah blah, you don't want them as your customers. Make a facebook PAGE, not account. Are you Annie or Desiray? Make it strictly business. Pay a logo designer, you can get one done for less than you might expect, doesn't need to be groundbreaking but it needs to look...
At least there's one thing we're ahead of the US in cake wise, excluding taste of course.
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