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I just don't think it sounds right, not because the material is edible but because I make and design wedding cakes. I'm don't think that I make pieces of art.
I say wedding cake designer, cake artist sounds a teensy bit too pretentious for my sensitive ears.
I don't believe in the US people don't haggle, it might not be the norm across every single industry (you can't really haggle at a supermarket lol) but what about putting in offers slightly lower than the asking price of a house, or for a used car? I can think of loads of examples where you might not accept the first price immediately. That doesn't mean that we should expect our customers to haggle with us at all, but I just wanted to stress the point of not getting...
And renshaws.
I appreciate your frustration but I think it was a real bad move to effectively rant at this young woman. Clearly she had no idea about what a custom cake costs and she didn't show 'blatant disregard' for the value of your time. At least she was being honest about her budget and your pricing. She didn't ask you for a favour, you wanted to give her one and she didn't know what was inside your head. You could have sent a short and sweet reply and recommended some people that...
"unless this was created in the course of employment in which case the employer will own the copyright" I'd be totally bummed if I were you too! Take is an opportunity to do some new designs, something fresh and current!
For real? That is huge.It looks better in real life, promise.
What size cakes do you guys in the US usually do for 90 portions? Our portions are smaller (1x1) so I would normally do a 5/7/9 but I'm sure that would be considered tiny and it's a customer from the US. Thanks!
Hahaahahaaha! Such a funny picture, and your work is gorgeous!
Imaan you can use water or dry dust it. I've done it with water and a large sofy brush. Just try not to go over the same area twice or you'll remove the gold you put on. Then once its dry you can dust on top again for a smoother finish.
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