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I don't even do 16"! That is a bloody giant bottom!  
I know we all love being paid a fair wage etc etc so I I would charge less. No sugarpaste, no rolling out, no borders, no sugarcraft. Not significantly less, but I would take off the time and sugarpaste, and add the time to set up and stack at the venue. And these are popular here, magazines, brides and guests love them but decorators, not so much.
Another cake size supporter!  
Gumpaste is what we call flower paste. The satin ice brand of it is available in the UK, i've bought it from sugarshack before and I think it works out cheaper then squires kitchen, but for workability squires wins.
It's a lovely cake! Sorry you had ruffle trouble. Maybe its just the way you post BI, but you do come off as a bit aggressive when you post sometimes. Maybe its the CAPITALS that does it lol.
Stiches, if you're on Wordpress then I totally recommend the plugin NextGEN. I use it on my site and you can configure the thumbnail sizes and get the most out of the space on your site. Plus you can do automatic watermarks and add titles/descriptions/tags/alt descriptions and its very easy to use.
Definitely with colour!
I don't know about RBI but polystyrene dummy separators smaller and shorted than the tiers, with the flowers inserted in works.
This is what I have come across although I'm no expert! 10% or 15% for a high value spend. This is on the total price of the cake, not the profit.
This situation sounds odd, I'm not a big fan of the finders fee or whatever but I'm not against it. A lot of wedding planners don't use them and instead prefer you to pass on the discount to the bride, but it's not uncommon for planners/venues to do it the other way. They usually take a 10% fee from you and they are transparent about it. Luxury planners and venues do this quite a lot, we just don't know about it! If a reputable external business is bringing you...
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