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Does anyone know what the PME tip equivalent is to the Wilton 2D, or Ateco #852?
Oh you guys are just foul...
Ahahahahahahaha! At least you got to fix it in the end, I can't believe they were chucking bits in the bin!  
I'm unavailable, I don't believe in 'white' lies.  
Well including baking, making up the buttercream, cooling, filling, colouring fondant etc is not that much of a snails pace!
No top tier for free, no anniversary anything either. But I think a year old cake in deep freeze would still taste good.
The first post, and it doesn't even have any text :s if that's not fishing for prices I don't know what is.
That's the same height of cupcakes swirls that usually go around the entire surface of the cupcake!
Oh I like the look of that 1st one, I don't like too much icing on a cupcakes.  
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