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'A representation of who you are' is vague, as a person, as a business or what? I don't have an about page on my site, but I'm not keen on the very clinical 3rd person ones or the baked with love, smelt granny baking when I was in the womb ones either. I would write one thinking about who your target audience is and what you think they'd like to read or know about you. Not too many jokes because it looks unprofessional, but not too serious or people might be put off....
Does anyone know what the PME tip equivalent is to the Wilton 2D, or Ateco #852?
Oh you guys are just foul...
Ahahahahahahaha! At least you got to fix it in the end, I can't believe they were chucking bits in the bin!  
I'm unavailable, I don't believe in 'white' lies.  
Well including baking, making up the buttercream, cooling, filling, colouring fondant etc is not that much of a snails pace!
No top tier for free, no anniversary anything either. But I think a year old cake in deep freeze would still taste good.
The first post, and it doesn't even have any text :s if that's not fishing for prices I don't know what is.
That's the same height of cupcakes swirls that usually go around the entire surface of the cupcake!
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