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I agree with you lorieleann. Check out one of the two most popular wedding blogs in the UK, they've featured zombie engagement shoots and always have brilliant and very different weddings. Zombies aren't even trendy. The teenagers that were into zombies 15 years ago are now adults who'd probably love buying some cool cakes. Plus killer sweets is not that much of a crazy of a name anyway.
Brush your shoulders off man, loads of people on here have either bent the truth, or have had an almighty bust up with someone else. Probably not a good idea to make like 4 accounts doing it though, just act normal.
You should just keep this account and stick to it, it's really not a big deal. You don't have to cut your nose off to spite your face, if you are benefiting the forum then just post normally like everyone else. But please do take a break from caking to gather up all your ideas and erm, passion You have a distinctive style of posting, so everyone knows its you anyway  
I think our understandings of taking time off are completely different.
I don't think you have to carve it, you can see on the left where the 3 tiers start. I'd use a 6/7/8 and a lot of fondant.  
Splattered with coloured royal icing perhaps? I'd do it like we used to in school, put down some sheets and splatter with a brush or on a small spoon.  
Absolute mega lawlz It takes years and a lot of work to be able to cake full time with enough profit to sustain a family. You will probably need to find other revenue avenues like classes, tutorials, books, editorial work, merchandise etc, which can only be done once you have a following which takes time, a huge workload and PR.  
Thanks Millie!
I like the name, if that's what your target market would like. I don't think everyone has to pitch to the luxury/high end market, and those markets are suffering as well.  
'A representation of who you are' is vague, as a person, as a business or what? I don't have an about page on my site, but I'm not keen on the very clinical 3rd person ones or the baked with love, smelt granny baking when I was in the womb ones either. I would write one thinking about who your target audience is and what you think they'd like to read or know about you. Not too many jokes because it looks unprofessional, but not too serious or people might be put off....
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