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I made my first ones in Inkscape but got the new one made by an awesome graphic designer. If you've got a tight budget I recommend something like or Etsy have loads of stuff too.
I would not recommend putting cakes in the fridge at the venue. So many problems can arise from putting the cake in the fridge and I personally don't think it's fair to wash your hands of what happens after you leave IF you're letting them keep it there. Venues say they will take care of everything so don't trust them too much, they don't know what temp to set the fridge to make sure your cake isn't a melty mess And how late did you discover that the flower petals were...
Nice, the click for flavours link on the homepage doesn't work though. Your pictures are very nice but the site is a little too bright for me personally.
This book is excellent and it's from the UK :
The first one you can sometimes find in TKMAXX but is not stable so only good for dummy cakes or something small and the bon bon decor one is usually available online if you google it. The other laternative is the mosser milk glass which is available pretty much everywhere.
Most people I know get their dummies from dummy direct,
I think you did the right thing too, and I don't get people to sign off on cakes. I think I did it once a couple of years ago but as long as someone with a bit of authority has seen it and I've got a photo of it set-up then I'm cool.
We don't charge by serving, and if we did it would make the cakes seem a lot more expensive then they actually are.
You're supposed to eat it, no doubt about that at all. Some people leave it on the plate but the majority of people at a wedding are going to get one square of fondant/sugarpaste on the very top. A lot of venues actually square off round cakes before cutting them so NO ONE gets any of the side pieces and therefore no one has to suffer with a 5" piece of fondant. In the UK and there is no buttercream vs fondant issue, very few brides would prefer buttercream but then you...
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