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I have had this pan for over a year and never used it. would like to make one for my male boss. Any ideas, pictures would be even better, on how to decorate to make it look masculine. thanks. Can I fill it and when I put it in a box will it move?
yes I am doing that for the 50 year old because they requested it...
before you ask...I was just asked to do cupcakes for a 40 year old and 50 year old for memorial day weekend. No clue about hobbies, interests, so have to keep it general.
I have to do cupcakes in the shape of a "50". How would you decorate it to celebrate a milestone? Any ideas welcome.
phew...thanks..I wondered if I could do that. I used the chocolate bettercreme last time and added the malt syrup but of course cannot find that either...what is up with our stores here. they put in the gigantic new Giant Eagles...there prices spike but they don't carry the variety anymore of what we need. I so appreciate you answering.
Help...all of the GFS near Cleveland OH are out of the chocolate bettercreme. I have to do chocolate malt cupcakes for a party this weekend and wanted it for frosting! Now what!? Thanks, Pat
exactly what I needed to don't know how much I appreciate your help. Thank you so much.
do not understand measurements.
have a recipe that calls for 2 10x2 pans. Can I put this in an 11x15 and will it be skimmpy? would it be too much for 9 x 13? thanks.
thanks to all. Wanted a separate theme for each so I am doing a cake for sons, a cake for grandpa and a cake for brother...various flavors to include a cheesecake. Hard coming up with something for all 3 but photoshopped some pics of them. Will work out ok I think.
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